Back in the USA

I've been too lazy to write for a long time, so will have to forego many details. However, there are three things I want to share that we've learned over the past couple of weeks: 1) Taking care of a boat is hard work. Did you know that decks should be mopped (swabbed?) daily? Did … Continue reading Back in the USA

Fury over Fenelon Falls

We continued north along the Trent Severn after leaving Burleigh, but only had to travel a couple of hours before we reached the quaint little town of Bobcaygeon. Aren't you curious about a town so named? So was I, and here's what I found: Its recorded name bob-ca-je-wan-unk comes either from the Mississauga Ojibway word baabaagwaajiwanaang "at the very shallow … Continue reading Fury over Fenelon Falls