3/6/18 Our new friend

We awoke our first morning in Brunswick, Georgia, to find a new friend waiting—a manatee! The weather turned cold last night (probably in the lower 50’s) and we think the poor thing was hanging out in the shallows of the marina, looking for warmer waters—manatees are extremely sensitive to cold water, and often congregate around discharge pipes from water treatment plants or fresh water springs during the winter months in order to keep their body temperature regulated. Later that morning, David decided to wash Golden with the dockside hose, so naturally there was a lot of water cascading down from the decks. Brian and I were in the salon talking when David suddenly appeared at the doorway and motioned for us to come quickly and quietly. Outside along our port hull, there was a manatee, obviously enjoying the spray of water from the hose. At first we thought she was drinking the water. However, the temperature of the water coming from the hose was significantly warmer than that of the marina; we now believe she was just enjoying a warm morning shower (I say “she” because, as Brian explained, their former name was a “sea cow”)! Man, those things are so ugly they’re cute. See video of manatee showering below….

Right now, Brian is basking in the warm sun on our fly bridge, but the wind is howling at 25-30 knots from the northwest. Looks like we’ll be staying in Brunswick for awhile. Luckily we’re moored in a marina which is protected from both north and south winds, is relatively inexpensive, close to “Old Brunswick” and shopping centers, offers free laundry, free beer daily, free wine 3 days/week, and is friendly and clean. AND we’re out of Florida, and we don’t NEED to be anywhere at anytime in particular. So we do what we do best—relax.

4 thoughts on “3/6/18 Our new friend

  1. That is pretty cool! we have never seen a manatee except on tv. Bet you are glad you did your homework on safety requirements and that you are finally out of Florida and can truly relax and not worry about the extra thousands out of your pocket. We are living vicariously thru you guys, so enjoy and be safe..hugs–dot

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  2. Hi Bonnie — sounds like a great setup — why are you glad to be out of Florida — mainly because it means progress?

    This is Teri Carns. Chicken Lady” was my sister’s pseudonym when I was sharing her writing about her poultry farm. Now the blogsite won’t let me change the name, and I don’t think that I can start a new blog witht he same email address, unless they’ve changed the rules. So — I’m Chicken Lady.

    Best to you and David — this is all fascinating.

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    1. Hi Teri! Mystery solved—I thought I had just started getting random posts from a stranger.
      We HAD to get out of Florida because if we stayed past March 15 we owed Florida $20,000 in sales tax—we bought boat Dec 15, and we’re given 90 days to leave. And we had to prove it by sending state receipts from out of state with boats hull ID number, etc. We were starting to get nervous because we were delayed so many times.


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