No Posting about trip today

I’m sorry. I really can’t write about our carefree travels through Canada, while reading about and listening to the stories of what the country I happened to be lucky enough to be born into is doing. I’m appalled, sickened, sad, and angry. I’ve seen the images and listened to the sounds (taken in secret, of course, to prevent being called “a leaker”) of sobbing children calling for their papa’s, some crying so hard they can’t catch their breath. I’ve read about a woman forced to board a plane and sent back to Guatemala (a country she’d fled 8 months before to escape gang violence) without her 8 year old son, a boy the same vulnerable age as my grandson Teddy. She has no idea where the USA took him, where he is now, or how to possibly be reunited with him now from thousands of miles away. Her SON, people–think of your son being taken away by strangers, not being able to comfort him when he’s crying and terrified, and not knowing where he is or how to be re-united?!!?

All I can do from here is call my representatives, and post things like this. If I were in the USA, I’d be down in front of the federal buildings every single day, getting in the face of every elected representative to demand that this evil of separating children from loved ones be stopped and every child returned to their family. Something simply must be done to end this cruel, immoral policy, being performed in all of our names. Let’s not do as most Germans did during the implementation of Hitler’s “Final Solution” to the “problem” of Jews—most disagreed, but just put their heads down and went on with their lives. For the love of God, when are people going to stand up to this man and tell him when he’s gone too far?

4 thoughts on “No Posting about trip today

  1. I don’t see it happening. Everyone in power is afraid to get on his bad side. All we can do is protest, write emails, call, support people who oppose him……and hope. Jan


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    1. You know what’s REALLY depressing? Is how many people justify and support this unconscionable policy. I guarantee that 75 years ago, they’d be the same ones to deny entry of Jews into the US. They don’t consider people who want to come to the US to be deserving of the same inalienable rights that all human beings deserve. It is truly sickening to read some of the comments.


  2. it is very sad and my heart goes out to everyone involved. chad and I were talking last night about how Americans are afraid to get involved and especially when it doesn’t affect their lives.

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    1. I just cannot imagine anything worse than being separated from my kids and not knowing when or if I’ll ever see them again. One would have to commit a pretty horrible crime to justify having one’s kids taken away. It’s a basic human need to care for one’s young. Can’t stand to hear or think about little kids crying for their mamas and papas for comfort, not just for a few minutes, but for weeks or months. Inhumane, and needlessly cruel.


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